Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Full-Time Internship & Undergraduate Research!

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I did not post anything last semester! I was insanely busy last semester...want to know how busy?? I was taking 18 credits at school, while interning part-time at the North Attleboro Electric Department, working part-time at a local consignment shop, maintaining BSU's EarthView blog learning how to live on my own in my very first apartment, raising a 1-month old kitten AND planning my upcoming wedding (which is now 44 days away....eeek!!). How I ended up with a 4.0 GPA for the semester is all attributed to the fact that hard work pays off and that I find myself doing my best when I am stressed out...odd, but it works!

Anyways...the electric department decided to keep me on as their intern for the spring semester! I am beyond excited! I will be here full-time for the semester and will also be conducting undergraduate research with them! Because of these two wonderful opportunities, I only need two additional classes to graduate so I will be taking two online classes this semester and will be graduating May 13th...yippee! Married and a College graduate all within a couple months of each other, busy, busy!

Pad Mount Transformer
For my undergraduate research here, I will be helping the GIS manager to develop and use the Collector App by ESRI to conduct visual maintenance inspections of the Pad Mount Transformers in town. These inspections have never been done so methodically and organized before so this a great asset for the electric department to have. I am excited to see where this project takes the organization and I am excited to see where this internship takes me! Keep checking back as I will be posting every Wednesday through the end of the semester.



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