Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Great Blue Hill, Viewshed Analysis on ArcScene

Hello all!

For this week's homework, I was to create a Viewshed Analysis using ArcGIS online and ArcScene. I decided that I would do a Viewshed Analysis of The Great Blue Hill in Milton, Massachusetts. 
Blue Hill
What is a Viewshed Analysis you ask? Well, suppose you were 5'5" tall and decided to hike up to the top of the 635 foot tall Blue Hill, what would you see if you were to look across the landscape? The Viewshed Analysis tells you just that. On ArcGIS online, you are able to choose any location across the world and place in certain parameters to get the Viewshed Analysis for your selected area. For mine, I chose that the person standing on top of the Great Blue Hill would be 5'5" and that at most, they could see 9 miles out. Below is the Viewshed Analysis for the Great Blue Hill. The orange spots are the areas that you would be able to see. I haven't been up to to the top of the Great Blue Hill in a long time, I'd love to take a hike soon and see how far out I can see! 

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