Sunday, March 27, 2016

Solar-Wind Village Suitability in Adams, Ma

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The most recent map that I have made for GIS dealt with the potential for a Solar-Wind Village Development in Adams, Massachusetts. I needed to find the locations in town that met the following criteria:

1. The site has to have a slope angle of 20° or less 
2. The slope has to have a southerly aspect (135° to 225°)
3. The wind speed at 30 m has to be above 5 m per second. 

I also needed to specify which locations were "highly suitable", "suitable" or had "limited suitability". The determinations for 

I was given an elevation raster of Adams and from that raster I needed to determine the slope and the aspect of the area. I then needed to obtain the wind speed raster from MassGIS and clip this New England raster down to just Adams.

Once I had found found the aspect of the Adams elevation raster, I used the raster calculator to get a layer of the wind speed and aspect that met criteria #2. I was then able to combine this layer with the slope layer that I had made through the process of determining the slope, reclassifying, and using the raster calculator on that layer. By combining these two layers I had a correct picture of all the criteria met, I just needed to reclassify it again so that the labels would be correct. 

Below is my finished map:

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