Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Collector Training!

Hello Everyone!
Me training one of the inspectors
I know that I said I would write about the AAG Conference this week but I will hold off until next week to write about that as I have not attended yet this week...I will be attending on Friday and Saturday!

What I would like to write about this week is that I have trained the 3 person crew who will be conducting the pad mount transformer inspections!

Last Thursday, my manager Heather and I sat with the 3 person crew and their foreman and manager to explain to them what the Collector application is, why we're using it and how to use it. I passed out my 60+ page reference guide for the crew to keep on them so that they can refer to it whenever they have questions or run into an issue before coming to Heather or I. We went on a little field trip (the weather was beautiful last Thursday so it was the perfect day for training) to the transformer outside of the Electric Department offices and to the transformers across the street at the Substation. The crew picked up the workflow for the inspection very easily and were comfortable with the application after doing one inspection each!

Operations Dashboard workflow
Since their training, the crew has been assigned the task of completing as many inspections as they can. So far, they have completed 6 inspections (not including the two from training). I have set up a view in Operations Dashboard so that Heather and I can keep track of the inspections as they happen. We are going to be releasing the Operations Dashboard view shortly to the other managers in the office as well as to the line crew Foreman.

Luckily, there has only been a couple of minor glitches associated with the application since the inspectors have started using it. One glitch being that while I was making edits to the map online while creating the Operations Dashboard view, the crew was unable to access the map. Once they came into the office and I refreshed their devices everything was good to go. Another glitch that they have run into is that the transformer icon doesn't change its color from red to green unless the "Inspected" attribute is changed from "No" to "Yes" however this is not under the inspection report. The change must be done outside of the inspection report on the Transformer layer itself where the photos of the transformer can also be taken. I'm sure after a few more inspections they will fully get used to using the application.

My abstract for the BSU Undergraduate Research Symposium has been submitted and I will be presenting this Collector research project at the Symposium on the 24th! Now that I have mostly completed the project I can start putting together my research poster!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll let you know how the AAG went in next week's blog post!

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